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The complete bibliography of Heather Spears: 13 collections of poetry (4 with drawings), 3 science fiction novels, 4 books of drawings, 2 novels, 1 NF book on perception (3 editions).

Asylum Poems, Emblem, 1958 (poetry)
The Danish Portraits, Ryerson, 1967 (poetry)
From the Inside, Fiddlehead, 1972 (poetry)
Drawings from the Newborn, Ben-Simon, 1986 (poetry, 52 drawings)
How to Read Faces, Wolsak and Wynn, 1988 (poetry)
The Word for Sand, Wolsak and Wynn, 1989 (poetry)
Drawn from the Fire, Children of the Intifada 1989 (drawings)
Massacre, Drawings from Jerusalem, 1990 (drawings)
Human Acts, Wolsak and Wynn, 1991 (poetry)
Moonfall, Beach Holme Publications, 1991 (fiction)
The Children of └twar, Beach Holme 1993 (fiction)
The Taming, Tesseracts 1996 (fiction)
The Panum Poems, Ekstasis 1996 (drawings and poems)
Selected and New Poems, Wolsak and Wynn 1998 (poetry)
Required Reading: a witness in words and drawings to the Reena Virk Trials, 1998-2000, Wolsak and Wynn, 2000 (drawings and poems)
Line by Line, Ekstasis, 2002
(drawings of Canadian poets with their poems)
The Flourish, Ekstasis Noir, 2004 (
documentary crime fiction)

I can still draw, Wolsak and Wynn, 2008 (poetry)

The Creative Eye, Arcturus, 2007, illustrated edition 2012, black-and white illustrated edition as manual 2020, (non-fiction, on drawing and the brain)
The Strong Box, Ekstasis, 2014 (novel)
Jeg kan stadig tegne, poems by Heather Spears, translated into Danish by Niels Hav, Poetiske Bureau 2019

Poetry in journals and anthologies: The Malahat Review, Canadian Literature, Event, Arc, Contemporary Poetry, The Fiddlehead, Canadian Woman Studies, Maclean's, Books in Canada, Toronto 93, Prairie Fire, Winnipeg 94, On Spec fall 95, TransVersions fall 95, The Lancet, 99 and anthologies including Oxford Book of Canadian Verse 1960,65, Tesseracts2 89, Fear of Others 89, It Was, It Was Not New Star 92, Poetraits Janosz Meissner 92, A Discord of Flags Toronto 92, Kaolonica Bloodaxe 93, Inside the Poem, Oxford 93, Northern Stars Tor, 94, 18p., bite to eat place Redwood Coast Press 95. We all began in a little magazine, Arc 98, Arachne, 2000, A long life in the making, gynergy books 2003, Literary Responses to the Gulf War, Indiana University 2003, Convergence: Poets for Peace, Ottawa 2003, Vallum 2004, Mslexia 2004, Ars Medica 2004, Iota 2006, So this is the world and we are in it 2006, Atlas 2007, Dandelion 2007 (translation), Exile 2008 (translation), Canadian Notes and Queries 73, 2008: "Danglish, anyone?", The New Quarterly 110, 2009: "Revisiting Reena Virk", Open Wide a Wilderness 2009, Harford Poetry 2009 (translation), The Quint 2010, Rampike (translations) 2010, The Link (translation) 2010, Women & Environments (2 poems) 2011, The Link (poem) 2011, Ecotone (translation) 2011, Metamorphosis (2 translations) 2011, Body and Soul (poem and drawings 2012), Dallas Review (3 translations) 2012, Poetry Wales (3 translations) 2012, ATT SKRIVA EN STAD (4 poems) 2013, Scientific American MIND 2014.

Short stories, articles and reviews: "The Only Sensible Thing", Macleans, 56, "3 Happy Families", Books in Canada, Spring 93, "Dung Beetle", ON SPEC 95, "The Road to Sibir", Prairie Fire, Summer 94, "The Woman Who Drew Dead Babies", TransVersions, 95, Canadian Notes and Queries 73, 2008: “Danglish, Anyone?”, The New Quarterly 110, 2009 "Revisiting Reena Virk", Open Wide a Wilderness 2009, The Prairie Journal 55, 2010, Women & Environments International Magazine, 2010, Pith and Wry, Scrivener Press, 2010, Canadian Woman Studies (review) 2011, Vallum 9.2 (review essay) 2012, Arc Magazine 76 (review) 2015.

Submitted for publication: Venus Squared (short stories, with Lesley Morrison) Blood Work, collection of poetry. The Moonfall Trilogy, The Moonfall Omnibus; as eBooks,: delayed, rights reverted to author 2020.

In preparation: Stranger than a Wolf: Modelling the Human Head, Drawing the Figure in Motion , The 50-Minute CÚzanne.
in association with,The Anatomy of Motion, on drawing the figure in motion, Ekstasis 2021, Drawing the Baby face, 2020.

Forthcoming: The Moonfall Trilogy, The Moonfall Omnibus; eBooks, delayed.
The Flourish is adapted for stage by Martin Travers as Annville (Readings: Lanark, Glasgow 2018, Edinburgh Book Festival 2019)




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