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Human Acts Wolsak & Wynn, Toronto 2008 ISBN978-1-894987-27-1
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I can still draw

"It's what I hope for, or fear, that resonant line or image that will make it impossible for me to sleep at night, or to breathe easily."
Susan Musgrave, The Sun Saturday Review

Spears is master of the line in poetry, as she is of the pencil line. The language of these poems is never showy, never obscure, but consistently precise and forthright; sensuous but never sentimental.... an intelligent, compassionate engagement with contemporary life....This collection will be seen as a continuation of, and valuable addition to, a mature poet's faithful documentation of her world.
Sarah Klassen, Prairie Fire

No thought is left untold; no position left undisclosed. I could understand returning to this book throughout one’s life, which is the mark of a true classic. It actually stopped me mid-poem sometimes, to put down the book for a moment and fully feel what the author had done... saying the most with the fewest words. No poetic flourishes but razor sharp poetics.
Press release, Pat Lowther Awards Jury 2008



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