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SCIENCE FICTION: The Moonfall Trilogy

Children of Atwar
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Book II: The Children of Ątwar

"You must read this novel."
JP Barda, Chaos Aug-Sept 1993

"a different kind of novel; where Moonfall was an epic,
The Children of Ątwar is a tragedy."
The Edmonton Journal

    "You tell us so often, nothing is right – when nothing is right then everything is right," she said, but doubtfully.
    "Then even right is unright. Do not touch me so again, you are breaking my heart. There is more love between us than this."
    He turned her away and drew her carefully in against him, holding her wrists crossed tight against her little chest, that trembled as fragile as Saska's birds when the boy held them.
    He turned; the Moon was rising, easily lifting itself and settling and lifting itself in the intervals of his gaze; Chrysium and the blue forests, Imbrium at the terminator. It rose where the Ng and the world's blood could not reach it, where Ątwar in spite of them waited to put them to shame. Ah, Ątwar my brother, my brother Ątwar.

Excerpt from The Children of Ątwar, second book of the trilogy, which begins with Moonfall and ends with The Taming.


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