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SCIENCE FICTION: The Moonfall Trilogy

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Book I: Moonfall

"Once I started, I could not stop...I have never read anything like Moonfall. Spears has created an absolutely stunning novel." Chaos Vol 0 June 93

"some really great miscegenetic sex."
Globe and Mail 1991

    Twel felt the warm breath from his brother's mouth and was aware that his own throat was constricted, that he had been holding his breath. He loosed it deliberately.
    "I want what she wants. It is no small thing. We are bonded. Yes, I would like it, of course. Would you not?"
 Their body, even satisfied and sleepy as it was, responded, answering him.
     "We will see what comes of it."
     "Not ill, my brother," said Twar into his mouth.
     They kissed then which was not so absolutely strange to them, and Twar turned his head aside and slept, but Twel slept with his face against his brother's cheek and their coarse hair half hiding him.

Excerpt from Moonfall, the first book of the trilogy, which continues with The Children of Ątwar and concludes with The Taming.


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