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Twar and Twel, conjoined twins


The Moonfall Trilogy
Forthcoming in new editions as ebooks, 2018

The Children of Ątwar
The Taming

The Moonfall Trilogy by Canadian author Heather Spears is a sensitive, poetic and apolyptic vision of the future where technology exists as a mere remnant of a destroyed world, conjoined twins are the norm and the orbit of the moon is decaying, threatening all life.

"a new humanity in an utterly changed world...a beautifully subtle study of alternative psychology and a wondrously effective construction of a new myth." Doug Barbour, The Canadian Forum

"I will read a story this good on any pretext or none at all. It reminded me of the late great Theodore Sturgeon: prose as polished and beautiful as fine poetry, characters absolutely unlike anyone you ever knew but unmistakably real and alive, and emotional impact that never becomes mawkish."
Spider Robinson, The Globe and Mail

"exploding out beyond the genre borders of SF by offering its readers both the sense of wonder that is at the heart of speculative fiction and an intense interiority of vision that is seldom if ever found in the genre. I have no hesitation in placing Spears next to Le Guin, one of the most literate and intelligent of science fiction writers."
The Edmonton Journal


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