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SCIENCE FICTION: The Moonfall Trilogy

The Taming
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Book III: The Taming

"a fine conclusion to a major work of the imagination." The Edmonton Journal

    How can I make you see it as it was? – everything we saw and touched and tasted?
    In our minds those first hours, and days of hours on the Moon were stained with the dye of our World's using, and yet, when we went into that grove, we were more stained than staining! If we had made some impression, if we changed even then in any smallest way the seeded Moon, what greater changes was he making in us!
    That night, trembling, did I go straight to Ątwar, and take Itsil away from his breast.
    So close to him I had never been, that my hands must touch his body in lifting him away.
    He half-leaned, half-lay in the furze bed in the passage, and she lay along his belly with her mouth at his enlarged breast. He drowsed as he was used, and surely saw me come to him, his eyes open under his heavy brow. When I put my hands between Itsil's body and his belly he did not move, but Itsil started, and her mouth clamped on his nipple, and her hands clutched in the hair of his chest. To lift her away was to pull him also towards me - yet I was quick and she released her hold, and his nipple slid out of her mouth with a slight sound.
    Would he snatch her back? No, he did not, and I took her in against my furze, and carried her across to the seep.
    She held herself rigid against me, but did not struggle. I sat down with her there, and busied myself giving her water. Since she was taken, I had never held her. She spat at the cloth.
    "Stout little Itsil, do not be afraid."

Excerpt from The Taming, third book of the trilogy, which begins with Moonfall and continues with The Children of Ątwar.


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