Newborn MarcusHeather Spears' illustrations are clear and medically accurate while being sensitive to the human aspects of paediatric care and to the courage and individuality of each child. Click links below to view more drawings.

Subjects: Heather Spears continues to draw on paediatric wards both in Europe and in America, and has as her subjects, besides premature infants: children with various disabilities and illnesses, including heart and kidney disease, cystic fibrosis, many syndromes, including downs, cleft palate, asthma, burns, cancer, cranio-facial procedures, sight and hearing disabilities. She has illustrated complex operations and procedures including ECMO and – in the Middle East – the care of children with gunshot wounds. She has also drawn, as series, close to 100 childbirths, and innumerable healthy newborns. One of her special interests is multiple births, including conjoined twins. In her science fiction series, The Moonfall Trilogy, Spears has realized the world of conjoined twins with conviction and sensitive accuracy. More paediatric and Medical drawings can be viewed at Exhibitions and throughout this site.

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Books of Drawings: (text & drawings by Heather Spears)
Drawings from the Newborn, Ben-Simon, 1986 (20 poems, 52 drawings)
Drawn from the Fire, Children of the Intifada 1989 (drawings and text)
Massacre, Drawings from Jerusalem, 1990 (drawings and text)
The Panum Poems, Extasis 1996 (drawings and poems)
Required Reading: poems and drawings from the Reena Virk trial, (drawings and poems)
Line by Line, Ekstasis, 2002 (editor, drawings of Canadian Poets with their poems)

Illustrations (books):
Vejen til Christoffer, Gyldendal, Copenhagen, 1986
Gid Jeg Havde Været Foster Lidt Længere (I should have been a foetus a little longer) Børn & Unge, Denmark, 1989
Astmatisk Bronkitis hos Småbørn, Astra Group, Birkerød, 1990
translated as Asthmatic Bronchitis in Children, AstraZeneca, Lund 1999
The Crying Baby by Sheila Kitzinger, Viking, 1991
Livskraft, Foräldraforeningen för Prematurfödda Barn (Parent's Association for Premature Children), Stockholm, 1993
Angst og Håb
(Fear and Hope), Sygplejerrådet, Denmark, 1993. Children with cancer. Effective Group Practice in Midwifery, Blackwell, 1959
Anlagt Hjemme (Admitted at Home) Odense University Hospital, 1997
Små Børn (Very Small Children), Munksgaard, 2000
Oplevelse for det Synshæmmede Barn (The Experience and Education of Sight Impaired Children), Denmark, 2005

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